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Future Proof 2020 – Our sustainability strategy


As a global marketing services network, we work at the intersection of global production and consumption patterns. Launched in the beginning of 2016, Future Proof 2020 is our sustainability strategy with targets until 2020. Our vision of Future Proof 2020 is to use our services and the content we produce to build a more sustainable economy. We do that as follows:


Unlocking the power of marketing to do good


– Sustainable supply chains

As a business-to-business organisation we have an extensive up- and down-stream value chain. We depend on the stability of these relationships. In an increasingly transparent world we want to make sure we embed sustainability in our supply chain. We want to work with businesses that share our values and commitment to sustainability.


– Responsible marketing and sustainable consumption

Marketing is changing and so are the expectations of our clients and consumers. Our role in the world is to influence and drive demand and that gives us a special responsibility to use our services and content top encourage a more sustainable world. We want to work with start-ups and social enterprises that pioneer new tools and campaigns to positively influence consumer demand.


Growth that doesn’t cost the earth


– Sustainable operations

No business or individual has been left untouched by climate change. International scientific consensus has set the maximum acceptable average temperature rise due to greenhouse gas emissions to 2C. We need to do our bit by reducing our carbon footprint per person with an additional 40% by the end of 2020. We can achieve this through switching to renewable energy and reducing business travel and paper consumption.


– Sustainable communities

In a rapidly globalising and converging world, people are increasingly focused on the local. When global and local clash, societal instability can create inequality. This has a profound impact on social cohesion. We need to build the marketing capabilities of charities to create a thriving third sector. We will share what we do best to have a real impact on locally felt needs.